About Us

SCFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a safe space for recovery.

The corporation is managed by a volunteer board of directors. Each member of the board is listed in the glass wall case inside the main meeting room near the coffee machine (along with contact telephone numbers).

The directors are voted into their positions by the voting membership. A membership drive is held each May. Members must have 1 year continuous sobriety and attend the annual membership meeting on the 2nd Sunday of July. Board Members are required to have 3 years continuous sobriety.

Business meetings of the board are held at 5:30PM on the 2nd Sunday of each month via ZOOM with exception of May in honor of Mother’s day. These meetings are open to all current SCFC registered members.

If you have business with the board (starting a new meeting, complaints about certain members, etc.) please visit our contact page to submit your requests.