Chuck C “New Pair of Glasses” Recordings:

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Ted H Florida State Convention 1987

Joe & Charlie Recordings:

AA history 1   AA history 2   AA history 3  AA history 4   Doctor’s Opinion 1   Doctor’s Opinion 2

Doctor’s Opinion 3   Bill’s Story 1   Bill’s Story 2   There is a solution   Spiritual Experience

There Is A Solution   More About Alcoholism   More About Alcoholism 2   We Agnostics 1

We Agnostics 2   How It Works 1   How It Works 2   3rd Step   4th Step   4th Step 2   4th Step 3

Freedom From Bondage   4th Step 4   4th Step Fears   4th Step Sex   4th Step Final   5th Step

6th-7th Step   8th Step   8th-9th Step   10th Step  11th Step   12th Step

Audio Book of Tao Te Ching