Membership Policies

Membership Policies for SCFC

To become a member, an attendee must have 30 days or more of sobriety.
SCFC Memberships are charged on a recurring basis, either annually or monthly.

Annual Membership fees of $100 payable by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Check or Venmo.

Due to accounting overhead, Monthly Membership fees are only payable via Credit Card or Debit Card through this website.

In order to vote at the Annual Meeting, a membership (either annual or monthly) must have been in place for 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

By enrolling in a paid membership, the Member agrees to provide a First Name, Last Name (or Last Initial), valid email and sobriety date to the Club.  Upon enrolling in a paid membership, a tax deductible receipt will be sent to the email address on file.

The Club does not store, record, read or access your Credit or Debit Card data.  Our provider, Springly, uses industry standard payment processing and encryption to collect your payment information.  The Club never sees your personal financial data.

Membership Fees are separate from 7th Tradition donations. Membership fees support the long term operations and goals of the Club while 7th Tradition donations support individual meetings and daily Club operations.

For questions about membership, please email [email protected].

Attendee – a person who attends meetings or other events at SCFC
Annual Membership – a recurring membership fee that is billed annually
Member – a person or attendee who pays the membership fee
Monthly Membership – a recurring membership fee that is billed monthly
Springly – SCFC’s membership database platform and billing system